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Communication Coaching


The Process

Through a series of structured, on-camera exercises, we coach you to:

  • Uncover your message so you can say what you really want to say.

  • Reach your audience emotionally by figuring out “what’s in it for them.”

  • Develop examples and stories that powerfully illustrate your message.

  • Practice the exact situation you are preparing for, whether it’s a panel, speech, or interview.

  • Turn your sales presentation into your first working session.

  • Enhance your natural ability and phrasing.

  • Get in charge of yourself, in control of your message and in command of your audience.

Our process can prepare you for boardroom presentations, speeches, media interviews, internal meetings, sales, new business development or any other communication situation.

Confidentiality:  everything said and done in coaching sessions is completely confidential

Confidentiality: everything said and done in coaching sessions is completely confidential


Tip- The question doesn’t matter, what matters is your ANSWER
— Carole Hemingway

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Carole Hemingway


A Stanford graduate and award-winning journalist, Carole hosted a daily radio talk show for more than twenty years on ABC stations in Los Angeles and New York City. She wrote a nationally syndicated column for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate on political and social issues. She has hosted numerous television talk shows for PBS and KCET Los Angeles, and has been a guest commentator for CNN and FNN. The Hemingway Media Group, Inc. was founded in 1988.


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