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What is the Hemingway Media Group?
We are a group of veteran journalists, reporters, editors, producers, and talk show hosts from national and local media outlets. We coach people to communicate persuasively, effectively and efficiently in every situation, using the skills we have developed in the media.

What type of people do you coach?
All types: movie stars, musicians, politicians, scientists, salespeople and CEOs. Anyone who needs to communicate a message effectively and with authority can benefit from our coaching.

Where do you do your coaching?
Have camera, will travel. We work throughout the nation, and can come to you.

How long do coaching sessions last?
Coaching sessions begin and end within one business day. Typically only one coaching session is needed to address your needs.

What can I expect in a typical coaching session?
You can expect focused coaching to uncover your message and communicate it effectively to get the result you want. We use on camera exercises for rapid learning. And we have never left a session without achieving a positive result.

Why do I have to be on camera?
It’s the most effective way to coach you because you’re able to see yourself as the audience sees you. By the time you’ve finished your second on camera exercise, you will have forgotten the camera is there because you will be clearly focused on your message.

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What makes us different

We know the media and how to apply media skills in the business world. 
Our staff is comprised of veteran journalists, reporters, editors, producers, and talk show hosts from national and local media outlets such as: CNN, The Los Angeles Times, WABC, KABC and PBS. With the media as our training ground, we’ve learned how to convey a message clearly, concisely and colorfully. When these skills are transferred to the business world, they work like magic.

We simulate the exact situation you are facing.
Whether it’s a panel, a press interview, a new business presentation, or a speech, we coach you under the same conditions to prepare you to face them confidently in the real world.

We coach you on camera.
The camera a powerful learning tool. When you see yourself as the audience sees you, we can help you quickly determine what’s working, what’s not and what to do about it.

It only takes one session. 
Fast and effective, our on camera training uncovers your message and prepares you to deliver it.

We come to you.
Hemingway Media Group is completely self-sufficient, mobile and scalable. Sessions can be held anywhere, at a time convenient for you, and can be conducted for individuals, or small or large groups. We provide all technical equipment, technicians and staff.

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